Carlotta Bedogni

Member of the Board of Directors

Degree in Business & Economics from the University of Bologna. Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, expert in international tax law and trust funds taxation systems. Master’s program in “The right of trust funds in Countries of origin and in Italy”, at the University Consortium for professional development in the legal field “Uniforma”, University of Genoa.

Has carried out academic activities and taught at the University of Bologna, Department of Business Economics. Was Lecturer in the field of international taxation systems at the CUOA Master’s program “Business Levers”. Publishes articles in Italian and German on “Regulations and Taxes”, an editorial published by the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce, and on other technical magazines. Council member of the Chartered Accountants of Vicenza, with an international mandate for the profession. Former President of the Commission of Study Groups of companies, Internationalization and consolidated Financial Statements of this Association.

Is a partner of an international auditors firm and has gained extensive experience in managing groups of national and foreign companies. Had assignments with companies located in Shanghai, New York, Philadelphia, Vienna, Milan, Turin and Munich. Is currently a BK Sinthema Professional, Statutory Auditor of important industrial groups, member of Arbitration Panels for the extra-judicial definition of disputes in the corporate context and Insolvency Practitioner and Technical Consultant at the Vicenza District Court.