Gianluca Zuccari


Graduated in Political Sciences at the LUISS. Master Confindustria in managing business organizations. Has spent the last three years for the Confindustria. In 1992 he began the autonomous activities as Partner Administrator and consulting companies in Italy and abroad, by launching the M&A, start-up, attraction of investment and commercial and industrial sector development projects. Specialized in the countries of the Middle East and the Gulf, he has gained significant experience with projects in Lebanon, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Performed studies and market analysis for the account of customers: The fashion market in Lebanon and in the countries of the Middle East, 2000; the development of the brand in the European market for cigarettes, 2000; the tobacco market – Analysis of trends in international brands, 2001-2005-2009; the real estate market in Lebanon, 2005; Emerging Italian brands in the field of fashion – international development prospects, 2007; attraction of foreign capital in the Italian real estate market, 2010.

Is currently a consultant for the business development of European companies and the GCC countries operating in the fields of construction, pharmaceutical, real estate and design.